Oia - Santorini

At the end of the traditional settlement of Oia, overlooking the Caldera and the unique Sunset is located our complex(Lioyerma that means Sunset in greek dialect) which includes: Pool Bar (unique sunset in oia) that it's open for every guest during the day for relaxing and enjoying the sunset with refreshing beverages & food, as well as: Traditional Windmill Villa & Traditional Cave Villa-Spa for an unforgettable accomodation.

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Excellent location
Swimming pool
Free Wi-Fi

Lioyerma Pool Bar

Lioyerma Cafe Pool Bar is located in Oia, the best part of Santorini and perched on the northwestern part of the island above the port of Ammoudi.The Pool bar true to its name (lioyerma translates as sunset in Greek dialect), it is amphitheatrically located above the Aegean with spectacular views of the famous Oia's sunset towards the west.

The Cafe Bar has one of the largest pools in Oia and guests can relax on sun beds or wicker chairs under straw umbrellas and enjoy coffee or the famous Santorinian wines, fresh cocktails and snacks, while drinking in the beauty of the Cyclades.

Accommodation in Oia - Santorini

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